Dec. 3-4: ChickTech NYC gathers 150 NYC High School girls to try STEM!

NEW YORK CITY — 150 NYC High School girls are coming together on Dec 3-4 at Pace University in Manhattan to participate in a free, hands-on program created by ChickTech NYC to show high school girls that engineering can be fun and exciting!

Since 2014, ChickTech NYC has offered high school girls in the New York City metropolitan area more than 60 hours of hands-on STEM curriculum and mentorship opportunities. This comprehensive year-long program will introduce 150 girls to STEM careers this year. These girls may not see themselves as technical but have the aptitude to do very well in technical fields. ChickTech has been accepting nominations for (cis- and trans-) girls since September 2016. Some of them might be eligible for free or reduced lunch, they show creativity and willingness to learn new things and will not consider a tech career without extra encouragement.

Join us for the ChickTech: High School Tech Show

ChickTech NYC invites you to our second annual ChickTech: High School Tech Show! Our high school participants will have worked hard all weekend to create an awesome project in one of our workshops.

Stop by and see what they’ve created! We think you’ll be amazed by their creativity and progress, especially since most of our participants have never been exposed to programming or hardware before.

You Support Makes our Programming Possible

Last year, we provided over 60 hours of hands-on, tech-centric programming for nearly 80 NYC high school girls. Your support makes it possible for us to offer more programming to even more girls.

Please consider making a donation.

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