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AI with IPSoft Workshop Recap

With the New Year came a great new ChickTech workshop on artificial intelligence. On January 26th 2019, our amazing hosts from IPsoft, R&D Engineer Nick Corso-Passaro, and UX Designer, Ruth Ong, welcomed the girls to their magnificent downtown Manhattan office. IPsoft’s main AI technology, Amelia, helps businesses automate operational processes through a natural language interface, freeing employees and customers from repetitive tasks to focus on creative ones they enjoy.

The morning started with Nick introducing IPsoft and coding basics. ChickTech high schoolers learned the principles of coding through the lens of popular game Minecraft. Using drag and drop code, they advanced through 12 levels, starting with basic ‘left’ and ‘right’ commands to more advanced conditional statements and FOR loops, helping their Minecraft characters navigate different challenges. This fun exercise set the tone for the day, how machine solutions depend on basic logic to work, and that myriad ways of solving an engineering problem exist.

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