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    AI with IPSoft Workshop Recap

    With the New Year came a great new ChickTech workshop on artificial intelligence. On January 26th 2019, our amazing hosts from IPsoft, R&D Engineer Nick Corso-Passaro, and UX Designer, Ruth Ong, welcomed the girls to their magnificent downtown Manhattan office. IPsoft’s main AI technology, Amelia, helps businesses automate operational processes through a natural language interface, freeing employees and customers

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  • ChickTech NYC gathers 150 NYC High School girls to try STEM!

    NEW YORK CITY — 150 NYC High School girls are coming together on Dec 3-4 at Pace University in Manhattan to participate in a free, hands-on program created by ChickTech NYC to show high school girls that engineering can be fun and exciting! Since 2014, ChickTech NYC has offered high school girls in the New

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