13 May
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2018 High School Kick-Off

  • Pace University
  •  May 13, 2018   — May 14, 2018
  • 12:00 am — 05:00 pm

ChickTech volunteers are working hard to get more women in tech careers and keep them there, starting with you! We strongly believe having more women like you in the tech world will im-prove what tech companies create.

Each of us at ChickTech want to make sure you have every opportunity to learn about what you could do in technology! This year, our program consists of the kickoff weekend on November 7th and 8th, monthly events that are designed to give you marketable skills and help you explore careers that you might not automatically associate with tech, a mentor program, and exclusive internships just for ChickTech participants. We’ve also provided a list of resources and programs here in this book that will help you continue to learn and explore.

The tech industry could really use your skills. Right now, the number of women in technology is shockingly low: 17% women in computer programming; 8% and lower in electrical and computer engineering. We want to see a tech workforce with at least 50% women! Without more diversity, the tech field suffers from unusable applications and limited creativity. We believe that you are the one to change the face of the tech workforce! That’s why we have put so much time, effort, and (our amazing sponsor’s) money into creating ChickTech.

ChickTech is a registered 501(C)3.